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Savor Uncommon Soft-Serve Flavors at Kurimu


09 September 2021

Sweet Corn. Very Avocado. Purple Yam. It’s not often you see fresh produce featured on a soft-serve menu. That’s part of what sets Kurimu apart. This ice cream shop imports unexpected flavors from different parts of Asia, resulting in a one-of-a-kind list of sweets. Folks with more traditional tastes will be happy to see some familiar flavors, too.

Since recently opening its storefront on West Division, the new shop has been raking in the glowing reviews for its offbeat approach to ice cream. If you’re an avid foodie, don’t miss your opportunity to try a cone-full of the Care Bear Stare. It features a swirl of purple yam, jackfruit, and coconut ice creams. Seeking a soothing sweet? Opt for the lavender soft serve infused with rose water. For anyone craving more conventional American ice cream, options like Chocolate Supreme, mint chip, and Oreo cream also abound. Upgrade to a matcha ice cream cone for the full Kurimu experience, and wash down your chosen treat with a refreshing bubble tea from the shop.

09 September 2021