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Refresh Your Autumn Wardrobe at Ragstock in Wicker Park


09 September 2021

Looking for a trendy new outfit to wear for a night out? Or perhaps a cool vintage ensemble for your next business-casual Zoom meeting? Ragstock has both, and much more. Part secondhand shop, part traditional retailer, Ragstock specializes in all things fashion-forward—from today and yesteryear.

The location in Wicker Park is known for its size and selection, as well as the affordable prices. Stop in when you have a spare afternoon to browse the extensive inventory. This time of year, you’ll probably find well-priced flannels and cozy sweaters, boots, and light jackets. Some even come from well-known designers such as Ralph Lauren. You can also expect a wide array of accessories, from sunglasses to hats, and plenty of party and festival-wear in bright colors. Keep an eye out for Halloween costumes soon! If you’d rather not visit in person, Ragstock also offers a solid selection of items for sale online. You can browse by new or vintage, and then narrow down the categories from there. The vintage collection even lets you sort by era.

09 September 2021