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Art of Spoke


08 October 2018

Live an artful life. Spoke has partnered with premier Chicago artists to create an unrivaled cultural experience of living alongside contemporary art.

Curated by Patti Gilford Fine Arts, twenty-four innovative Chicago-based artists were carefully selected to complement the architecture and culture of Spoke. Akin to living in a contemporary art gallery, the lobbies, amenity spaces, and residential corridors of each building display vibrant, diverse, and thought-provoking paintings, drawings, photography and more.

Out of the twenty-four artists, twelve artists were commissioned to create new site-specific artwork including Aimée Beaubien, William J. O’Brien, Nick Fisher, Dan Gunn, Matthew Hoffman, Cody Hudson, Richard Hull, Chad Kouri, David Lozano, Jason Pickleman, Deb Sokolow, and Alexander Valentine.

Spoke is your home for artistic inspiration, cultural exchange, and celebrating Chicago-based contemporary art.

Tony Tasset
Samantha Bittman Untitled 02 Min
Alex Bradley Cohen
Samuel Levi Jones
Jessica Labatte Spotting 31 02 Min
Mel Cook
Leslie Baum
David Leggett
Diana Guerrero Macia
Susan Giles
Adam Scott

08 October 2018