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Get in the Halloween Spirit at Chicago Hauntings Tours


18 October 2021

Ursula Bielski isn’t your average haunted tour guide. She’s spent three decades of her life delving into the paranormal goings-on of Chicago, becoming one of the city’s utmost experts. Along the way, she wrote 12 books about the subject and befriended fellow experts like David Cowan—author of two books about Chicago’s history of devastating fires, and the paranormal activity they spawned. Bielski and Cowan’s natural passion and expertise led them to open Chicago Hauntings Tours with fellow paranormal experts and historians, not actors who’ve learned a script.

abbyTheir unique Chicago Ghost Tour showcases their extensive research on the city’s paranormal activity. Board the bus and go for a three-hour spin around Chicago as one of the seasoned guides narrates the journey. They’ll tell you about the souls who still swim the Chicago River after the Eastland Disaster; the hundreds of victims who continue to haunt the now fire-gutted building at Death Alley; and the 13,000-plus unknown people laid to rest at the City Cemetery. Other more specialized tours are also perfect for the upcoming spooky season, like the Killers of Chicago Tour (think John Wayne Gacy and Richard Speck), the Devil in the White City Tour (providing a peek into the deranged mind of H. H. Holmes), and the Ghost Adventure Tours, which lasts for a full day and ventures as far as Lake County.

18 October 2021