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Princi Brings International Baked Goods and Artisan Coffee to Randolph Street


21 December 2018

Milan, London, and Shanghai are just a few of the international metropolises where Princi has set up shop. As of a few months ago, Chicago is also on that list. Princi recently debuted a new bakery and cafe on Randolph Street, stocked with the same European baked goods and artisan coffee beans that make the international outposts so popular.

Stop by Princi in the morning to grab a cup of coffee or cappuccino to enjoy with a pastry, like a chocolate-stuffed croissant. If you stop in for lunch, Princi boasts a spread of flatbread pizzas, artisan sandwiches, and other savory bites—even hot dishes such as lasagna. Plus, if you need some bread to round out your dinner later in the day, you can grab a crusty baguette or a freshly baked loaf of multigrain bread at Princi.

21 December 2018