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Make Yoga a Part of Your Lifestyle With Ritual Hot Yoga


16 December 2018

There are so many yoga studios on the North Side. What makes Ritual Hot Yoga different from the rest? When you listen to the people who practice here, you’ll quickly notice a few recurring themes.

Each session is led by two instructors—one to lead the whole group through the routine, and another to offer individual adjustments and guidance throughout the session. Moreover, because the instructors here have full time positions with salary and benefits rather than just freelance contracts, they have an incentive to really put down roots in the studio and in the community, and regulars say that stability is palpable during classes. Lastly, you’ll find many little things that make a big difference. Things like the complimentary water and tea, the all-inclusive mats, towels, bath products, and even hair ties.

Check the website for a full schedule of current classes at Ritual Hot Yoga.

16 December 2018