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Move Closer to Your Wellness Goals at Ascend


12 February 2019

When you step into Ascend for the first time, you might be expecting a typical gym. That’s not what you’ll see. Ascend serves as a private space for a large roster of health and fitness professionals, from personal trainers to nutrition experts to massage therapists. Together, they provide everything you need to begin your journey to wellness.

If you work best with one-on-one attention, sign up for a personal training session with one of the fitness gurus at Ascend. Using a mix of strength and cardio training, they’ll help you meet your specific goals with some sweat and hard work. If you’d rather work out alongside other exercises, come to a small-group Pilates class. The instructor uses a variety of Pilates equipment to enhance the practice and add an extra challenge. Round out your wellness routine with nutrition coaching, massage therapy, or any of the other health-centered services at Ascend.


12 February 2019