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City Fresh Market Delivers Groceries to Your Doorstep


28 May 2020

While the name City Fresh Market alludes to a simple organic corner store where you can pick up your weekly staples, it’s so much more than that. This family-owned local gem was started in 2004 as a spot where second-generation brothers hoped to provide a location where their Eastern European parents and their community could find imported local goods and tasty bits of their past close to their new home in Chicago.

The store does provide all the standard grocery staples you need, but takes it up a notch. Their bakers are always whipping up delicious desserts like Puslica torte or sampita - both desserts originating from Yugoslavia. The dairy department makes homemade yogurt daily. The deli makes to-go pljeskavica, aka a Serbian Burger, along with roasting lamb and grilling up fresh fish to go. The produce department has fresh horseradish, chayote, black radishes and so much more. 

They do offer delivery if you shop online; you can order right from their site!

28 May 2020