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Order Curbside Pick-Up Tonight From Brass Heart


28 May 2020

If you have vegetarian friends but don’t practice a plant-based lifestyle yourself (or vice versa), you’ve likely experienced the struggle of finding somewhere to order a meal that will leave you all satisfied. Thankfully, Brass Heart is here to solve that problem once and for all with veggie and omnivorous options for you and all your friends. 

Place your order on TOCK or UberEats, or call the restaurant directly at 773-564-9680 to save on delivery charges and pick up your order to-go. From cauliflower tikka masala with scented basmati rice to a fried chicken sandwich, everyone will find something they’re bound to love. And be sure to pick up some baked-to-order chocolate chip cookies to top off your meal. As Yelp reviewer Holly B. pus it, “You really cannot go wrong with a single thing on the menu. Bring your wallet!”

With the expertise of Executive Chef Matt Kerney and co-owners Margaret Eisen and Vincent Maiorano, it would be hard not to find a great dish. Chances are, you’ll want to order again to try whatever you didn’t get the first time!

28 May 2020