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Penguin Foot Pottery: Learn a New Hobby in 2022


11 January 2022

Out with the old and in with the new! As 2022 gets underway, you might be thinking about the resolution you made on New Year’s Eve. If you decided this would be the year that you’d embrace a new hobby, let the artsy experts at Penguin Foot Pottery help you get going.

They’re obsessed with aiding students in the “pursuit of clay,” as their website puts it. The main way they do this is through pottery lessons. No prior experience is required for the fittingly named Wheel Throwing for Beginners Course. It includes a month of once-weekly classes, starting with an introduction to the basics and walking you through basic shaping, trimming, and refining techniques. Finally, you’ll learn how to glaze your finished masterpiece before the staff fires it for you to pick up later. Interested in learning an art form that’s a little more freestyle? Consider the hand-building class instead. It follows a similar four-week format to show you how to handcraft a stunning piece of pottery. If you’re not really interested in getting your hands dirty, you can always stop in to grab a piece of unique pottery as a gift.

11 January 2022