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Hummus Meets History at FIYA, Now Open Near Spoke


10 September 2020

When you step up to FIYA, one of Chicago’s newest restaurants, you’ll see a sign reading FIYA: SOUL FOOD OF THE LEVANT. Chances are, you have a pretty good idea of what “soul food” refers to. But what do you know about the Levant? 

Derived from a French term referring to the sunrise, the term has been used throughout history to refer to eastern Mediterranean countries, as well as another term for the Middle or Near East. After the First World war, the phrase "Levant States" was applied to Syria and Lebanon and is still used at times, despite the two countries since becoming independent. 

History lesson aside, what does this mean for the food at FIYA? In short, you’ll find all the delicious Mediterranean food of your dreams. Their hummus is naturally a must-have—as one reviewer puts it, “It tastes as if you flew all the way to Israel and got a fresh bowl.” Some other recommendations from FIYA’s earliest customers include za’atar fries, chicken schnitzel sandwich, and khachapuri. 

Enjoy the warm, homestyle flavors of the Levant without getting on a plane, while all the while discovering what’s sure to become a Chicago favorite. 

10 September 2020