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Dip Into Something Special at City Olive


10 August 2020

Karen Rose, owner of City Olive, believes that “good food is good for the soul” and that sentiment isn’t limited to a meal’s main event. In fact, she’d most likely argue that the small touches are arguably more important—after all, she does run a gourmet food boutique with a focus on specialty olive oils. 

With that in mind, it will come as no surprise that City Olive’s offerings are wide-ranging and expansive. Dozens of olive oils, both infused and not, are available, as well as olive oil cosmetics and skin care products, a variety of vinegars, and more than 100 other specialty food items. From pastas to olives, you’ll find the perfect addition to any meal or special event. 

Picture it: after a long day at work, you get home to broil the perfectly spiced steak you’ve had marinating in seasonings you found at City Olive. A friend stops by at the spur of the moment and, with just a few minutes in the kitchen, you emerge with a freshly prepared cheese board, complete with a specialty dijon or cognac mustard for dipping. Thanks to City Olive, all that and more is not only possible, but is within your reach. 

10 August 2020