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Enjoy a Night of Sleuthing at Escapades


15 March 2019

Escapades invites guests into real-life brain teasers, and the only way out is to solve a series of riddles. It boasts a pair of escape rooms and one “Rage Room,” where you can work through any pent-up frustration by literally smashing electronics, glass, and other breakables. Don’t worry—you’re suited up in head-to-toe safety gear first.

If you’re more interested in the escape rooms, book Apartment 1145 or Chi-Gate. Apartment 1145 bills itself as the “original” escape room experience. You’re simply locked inside of an apartment, and you have an hour to discover the clues that will lead you to break free. Chi-Gate, on the other hand, has a juicier plot. In this escape room, you’re plunked down in the DNC, where you’ll have to break in, tap phones and place bugs, and escape with evidence—all without being apprehended. Choose your room at Escapades and book it online.

15 March 2019