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Adler Planetarium: Explore the Solar System From the Safety of Earth


09 October 2018

The glare of the city lights makes it impossible to stargaze in Chicago, but Adler Planetarium has a solution. Its "Skywatch Live" show splashes the night sky across a large projector screen. Since the exact view of the sky from Chicago shifts each day as the earth moves, so does the snapshot of the sky that you see at "Skywatch Live." The show's narrator helps you navigate it as he teaches you about things like the constellations.

The show is just one of many learning opportunities at the Adler Planetarium. The education center boasts many exhibits and activities centered on the solar system, including one that's all about the planets (complete with massive replicas of each) and another dedicated entirely to telescopes. One of the coolest attractions has to be the Doane Observatory, which hosts a gigantic aperture telescope through which guests can catch glimpses of the sun and planets, depending on the time of day.

09 October 2018