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A Day at Spoke Apartments


27 October 2017


At Spoke Apartments, you have access to so many amenities, features and services that will make your day-to-day life simpler, smoother and more fun. Here’s what a day in your life at Spoke Apartments could look like.

Start your day off with a workout in our state-of-the-art fitness center. Climb the boulder wall or take in the view of River West while running on the treadmill. Aside from a fitness center, each day at Spoke, you have access to a cycling studio with regularly scheduled instructor-led courses you can take at your leisure, with our on-demand system.

Hand Fido off to us while you get ready for your day at Spoke. We’ll take care of him with our Dog Run service.

Next, make good use of your gorgeous kitchen and cook up a yummy breakfast in your unit. If you’re feeling too lazy to cook, stop in at nearby Dunkin Donuts for a sweet treat.  

Refresh and get inspired by wandering the halls at Spoke and taking in the art spread throughout the building. Get the full gallery experience without leaving home as you peruse works from 24 Chicago artists in the lobbies, amenity spaces and residential corridors.

Relax in the hydrotherapy spa after a long week in the office before cooking up dinner for friends in the demonstration kitchen. Spend the evening playing League of Legends in our interactive gaming room or in our spacious lounge area where you can kick back at the bar or take in a live music performance. Skip the bar scene and invite friends over to the Spoke lounge for drinks or a game of billiards instead. Or, better yet, channel your inner Madonna by taking the stage yourself with some karaoke.

What does your perfect day at Spoke look like? Let us know!

Ready to call Spoke Apartments home? Contact us today for more information or to schedule a tour of your future apartment home.

27 October 2017