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Enjoy Art at These Spots in and Around Spoke Apartments


25 October 2017

Art is in everything at Spoke. From the architecture to the amenities and features, Spoke residents and art lovers alike will fall in love with the art here.

Spoke residents don’t need to go far in order to take in stunning masterpieces. Just take a walk around the lobbies, residential spaces and amenity areas to admire the art spread throughout Spoke. Through its art program, Spoke commissions local River West artists to create the paintings and drawings you’ll see throughout the building. The pieces were curated by Patti Gilford Fine Arts. Among the works spotlighted are Samantha Bittman’s “Untitled,” José Lerma’s “Nathan” and Alex Bradley Cohen’s “Why Not Try.”

Attend plays, readings and so much more at Pegasus Theatre. Here, you can find the intersection of social culture and art from a variety of well-rounded events. Get inspired and learn from other artistic voices in the River West community and beyond.

River West is home to The Chicago Academy for the Arts. Not only do some of the most talented artists and performers around the country seek an education at this school, but local residents have the opportunity to enjoy the works it puts on. From jazz concerts to semesterly plays and musicals, there are so many shows to take in at The Chicago Academy for the Arts.

Where do you go to enjoy art in River West? Contact us today for more information or to schedule a tour of your future apartment home.

25 October 2017