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What’s Your Favorite Flavor at Black Dog Gelato?


16 July 2020

"Artisanal" is the best word to describe the creamy, dreamy treats at Black Dog Gelato, a small-batch producer that focuses on locally sourced cream and milk and inventive and modern mix-ins. Black Dog Gelato's Chicago-style gelato has an exceptionally smooth finish and flavor combinations that you won’t find anywhere else. Goat cheese cashew caramel. Espresso chip. Brandied apple pie. Mexican hot chocolate. Is your mouth watering yet? Black Dog Gelato has both constant flavors and monthly specialties that both keep you coming back to see what’s new, and dreaming of your favorites.

Find three Chicagoland locations, with both the Ukrainian Village and West Loop location less than 10 minutes away from Spoke. Black Dog Gelato also has the hot pink bus that you can follow…or stalk…on Instagram for its daily location, or rent for your next event. Discover the Black Dog Gelato difference – you may never go back to ice cream again.

16 July 2020