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Vaca’s Creamery Serves Vegan Ice Cream Near Spoke in Chicago


11 July 2021

Vaca’s Creamery just opened its doors with a fresh take on the traditional ice cream shop. Instead of using classic dairy bases, all of their ice creams and other treats enlist vegan ingredients. That means that folks with dietary restrictions have ample options. And if you have a specific allergy, Vaca’s carefully spells out any potential cross-contamination that may be present in each menu item on its allergen page—though they are diligent about avoiding this in-house.

Even if none of that matters to you, you’ll still be able to appreciate the delicious flavors of the oat milk-based ice creams and over-the-top sundaes. If you want to stick with soft-serve, order a cone of the oat milk chocolate and vanilla ice cream, or try whatever seasonal flavor is on the menu that day. Prefer to dig into a sundae? The Candy Bar lives up to its name with a chocolate shell, dulce de leche, and crushed peanuts over your choice of ice cream. Feel free to DIY a completely customized sundae, too. The vegan and mostly gluten-free toppings include everything from hot fudge to Mexican cinnamon cookie crumble.

11 July 2021