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Sample Mediterranean Cuisine at Newly Opened Evette’s in Lincoln Park


15 January 2021

There’s nothing better than a warm meal on a cool day. Mediterranean favorites at Evette’s manage to feel like comfort food while tasting light and fresh, making Mediterranean cuisine the best of both worlds. The hip vibes don’t stop with the food either. The bright and airy restaurant is just as refreshing as the menu.

Choose from lunch and dinner options like melts, tacos, wraps, soups, and tabbouleh. The menu is chock full of fresh vegetables, herbs, zesty spices, and Mediterranean essentials. Although the restaurant is still new, fan favorites are emerging quickly. The chicken shawarma plate features tender and juicy chicken served up with couscous, sweet dates, tangy goat cheese, almonds, fries and a light salad. Or try the whipped feta starter with a vegetable platter for a lighter option. Add a side of garlic feta fries, and dessert, like a piece of baklava, and you’ll have some delectable choices to try.

Evette’s is only 2.5 miles from your apartment at Spoke, so fresh comfort food can be yours all winter long. Bring the bright flavors of the Mediterranean to your home with easy online ordering when you feel like ordering takeout or delivery this winter.    

15 January 2021