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Expect a Little Bit of Everything on the Menu at Culinary Gangster


16 February 2021

If you’re a fan of Chicago’s food truck scene, one of the city’s newest brick-and-mortar establishments will be familiar already. Culinary Gangster took the tumult of 2020 and transformed it into a new culinary hotspot, bringing together their food trucks—Culinary Gangster Chicago, Culinary Pizza & Pasta, and Culinary Gangster Tacos—under one roof. 

The new Culinary Gangster brings together all of your favorite, most crave-worthy dishes for a unique culinary experience that captures the spirit of their original food trucks’ vision. You can pick up a burger, salad, and burrito with one trip to Culinary Gangster. Gone are the days of debating your friends and family over dinner options—everyone can choose their favorite from the united menus introduced at the new iteration of Culinary Gangster. Your partner is craving tacos but you want pasta? You can do just that. Can’t decide between a wrap, pizza, or taquitos? Get one of each and enjoy. 

Culinary Gangster may not have envisioned this platform when they launched their food trucks, but, even in this changed state, they’re bringing a tasty meal to you. Whatever you’re craving, you’ll only need one stop to satisfy the urge, with plenty of options to share.

16 February 2021