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4 Art Piece Trends to Consider For Your Home at Spoke


23 February 2018


This year’s art trends are all about new textures, bright colors and modern looks. Make your space at Spoke feel even more homey by commissioning a new art piece from one of these Spoke artists. These are the art piece trends to consider for your home at Spoke.

Abstract Embroidery

You can transform a room’s ambiance with embroidered pieces from rugs to linens. Spice it up by choosing an embroidery with an abstract pattern. Spoke artist Samantha Bitten uses hand-woven textiles to create stunning and bright works of art. View more of her work here.

Monochromatic Drawings

Complement a minimalistic theme in your Spoke apartment home by adding a black and white drawing to your living space. Spoke artist Mel Cook creates this look using acrylic on paper. View more of her work here.

Textured Paintings

Textured paintings are perfect for those who love color. The texture helps to make the colors pop even more so. Spoke artist Samuel Levi Jones uses parts of books and paint on canvas to create this unique look. View more of his work here.

Wire Sculptures

Wire sculptures are both modern and visually engaging. Modern art enthusiasts will love adding one to their Spoke living room. Consider commissioning a sculpture from Susan Giles, one of the Spoke Art Program artists. View some of Giles’ sculptures and other work here.

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23 February 2018