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Work on Your Biking Skills in Spoke’s Bike Room


27 April 2018


Stationary bikes offer numerous health benefits. At Spoke, your health and time is important to us. By using Spoke’s Bike Room, you can get all the benefits of biking at a gym without leaving your home. See why you should go for a bike ride at Spoke and all the opportunities available. Happy riding!

Create Your Own Workout

Stationary biking is great for all levels of fitness. Whether you’re just getting back into working out or you’re a fit athlete, you can find a workout that fits your pace. Spoke’s Bike Room offers on-demand classes so you can take the thinking out of your workout and focus on the doing. Choose a high energy workout that will keep you on your toes or find a more straight forward road bike inspired workout. 

Health Benefits

We could go on and on about the health benefits of stationary biking. The core benefit is that you receive an awesome cardio workout. Cardio workouts help lower blood pressure, regulate blood sugar, and help prevent diseases and medical emergencies, such as type 2 diabetes and heart attacks. Most importantly, stationary biking will increase your lung capacity. You’ll find day-to-day activities easier, like walking up stairs, and complete strength/endurance based workouts with ease. Beyond internal benefits, you’ll receive external benefits as well. For those looking to tone or lose weight, biking is a great low impact workout to achieve both. When biking you burn a lot of calories while building muscle. Depending on your intensity level, biking can impact the upper body. However, the main focus will be strengthening your lower body. Make biking your cardio and leg day!


What is more convenient than being able to workout in your own home? But really, an indoor bike room allows you to bike no matter what the weather is outside. You’ll never have to work your schedule around this workout. Instead bike when it’s convenient for you. Better yet, there aren’t obstacles in your way of going the speed you need for a great workout. 

Ready for a great cardio workout in Spoke’s Bike Room? Contact us today for more information or to schedule a tour of your future apartment home.

27 April 2018