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Celebrate Valentine's Day With a Special Glassblowing Class at Ignite


07 February 2020

Celebrate Valentine’s Day this year by taking your special someone on a unique, interactive date: a class at a state-of-the-art glass studio. Ignite is offering date-night glassblowing workshops from Feb. 7 and Feb. 16 that are a perfect activity for you and your partner to do together.

You can choose between two different workshops, one where you’ll create a type of glass — a wine glass, water tumbler, pint, or rocks glass — and another where you will create a glass heart. Instructors guide participants to help ensure that the final product comes out great, but the classes are very hands-on.

Participants will be able to enjoy sweets and a glass of champagne during the workshops. The classes take between 45 minutes and one hour, so they’re the perfect activity for before or after dinner. If Valentine’s Day isn’t your jam, the shop has many other classes to choose from as well — including classes where you make a wine stopper, paperweight, or an item of your choice, like a vase or votive.

The studio itself is a beautiful attraction too. There’s a rooftop view of Chicago and the studio makes you feel like you’re not even in the city. The studio accepts reservations for classes online.

07 February 2020